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Bank Details :-
Name of Account Holder: Akhil Chaturvedi
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Account Number: 107001518237
Accoutnt Type: Saving Bank
IFSC Code: ICIC0001070
Address: ICICI Bank Branch, BK 11 & 12, Sector -1, Noida, U.P.

Mr. Akhil Chaturvedi, COO & Head Business Development , Moxon Tours, said It is a big service to the nation as well as to the trade. Talking about his journey in the industry, he shared, My journey in the Travel and Tourism Industry started around 40 years back, and it has been a very very interesting one. I have enjoyed every bit of it. I also face lots of ups and down and many things to achieve during my working, Since now it is a internet time, and online business we have to still fight for providing the services practically in the trade to our domestic and international tourist.

Beside I handle many tourist from different countries promoting India as an Inbound tourism country, I handle mainly Buddhist Parts of the India and Nepal, and also south India, mainly Kerala, and Himachal etc , and Madhya Pradesh.

Now I feel creating lots of Domestic tourism with in the country, and I love travelling Himachal, Uttrakhand, and Kashmir, and South India, mainly Cochin, Munar, Appleppy, and my best place to enjoy is Kovalam sea beach, and Poovar , Internationally I love travelling to South Asian Countries, and Europe as well as London.

My choice is to have the best Breakfast in the Hotel only, later the whole day I prefer the best available traditional street food only, and that too only vegetarian, in non veg I some time prefer only Roasted boan less best golden fish

Akhil Experience in
Dealing in Tourism
Trade in India

Hobby: Singing Songs, Photography, Traveling ETC.

Information to Tourist/Guests


Whenever you leave a certain cafe. Perhaps you have just behind that journal where you have jotted down some noteworthy pointers of how to get around on the trip. Travel light, but go around well equiped.

Separate your sources of Money

Segregate all your finance in differnet places while you are Travelling. Don't stock all your option in that wallet, like how you would while in your home city. Good forbid! but if you are robbed. or some calamity just hits you, and you have lost your wallet, you always have a back-up plain in your suitcase.

Dont keep your wallet/Purse in your Jeans back pocket

This is for all the men out there, Stack your finances discreetly. Strictly avoid keeping your wallet in the back pocket of your denim. Use the insides of your jacket or a waist pouch to keep back the same. Keep away from any fancy bags that scream for negative attention.

Scan all your major Documents

Email a scan of your passport, visa, and other important travel document to yourself. Keeping a hard photocopy of the same. Just in casse their is a problem, one can always retrieve the documents owing to the presence of the internet. And do save your emergency telephone nos on your email, incase of mobile theft you have a backup.

Don't Trust Strangers

Do not trust the locals of the destination you are travelling to easily. Incasse you find a local not consuming something, avoid consuming the same yourself. It is ideal to steer away from the same, and get out of the situation at the earliest. It is certainly not safe then to hang around. Do report any malicious activity to the local police.

Get Travel Insurance

Ailments and calamities don't really come knocking on the door; hence it is wise to carry your travel insurance. This will help you save on the numerous zeros that you save on the numerous zeros that you will possibly dole out if admitted in a hospital and playing it safe get your insurance some day ahead of your travel so, if any things happens on last day of your travel you assured of it.

Get Vaccinated

Visit your doctor before you travel. Get all the necessary vaccinations/immunizations for the destination you're going to visit. Learn of the necessary health precautions you should follow, while on the trip.

Avoid Pdas

I mean Public displays of Affluence (not affection). Flaunting your valuables is a strict no-no. Travel simple. Keep safe your jewelry at home. Keep your expensive digital equipment when not in use. Dressing lound can definitely attract negative attention.

Check the fine print and certificates of Instructors

If you're doing a specialist course like scuba diving or bungee jumping, check the operators have legitimate qualifications and a good safety records. There's usually a reason a course is cheaper than the other.

Give it Up

There is a simple rule taht people find hard to follow: if you are mugged, give over your wallet, watch etc. This shouldn't be a problem if you have insurance and you've left all yours irreplaceable stuff (e.g. grand,a's necklace) at home. Just do it, and walk away unharmed and Scott-free.

Be wary of lising your credit card at an Internet cafe

Internet cafes computers may have key logger software or hardware that records your key strokes, so unscrupolous characters (not necessarily the owners of the cafe) can see the username and password to your online accounts (banking, email etc) or grab your credit card details. A good trick to make this more challenging for them has been proposed by Thron Tree user open a couple of other browser windows (for the website you are using) and half way through entering your password or credit card information type incorrect information into these windows.